Our film will focus on Janet Ertel (eldest of The Chordettes) and her daughter Jacqueline's amazing tale seeking a second, more fulfilling, chance at life.

The year is 1953.  Once a midwestern housewife, we find Janet (38) during the last days of The Chordettes' regular appearance on the Arthur Godfrey Show.  At this point she's stuck in a toxic marriage; singing with The Chordettes  (the three others, being in their mid-20's); is falling deeply in love with her married musical director Archie Bleyer (famed producer of The Chordettes, Andy Williams, and The Everly Brothers); and, along with the others, is about to be fired and replaced by a younger and prettier act: The McGuire Sisters. Not to mention, Janet and Archie's affair stands to be exposed by tabloid media, endangering any future career The Chordettes  may have.

We also follow Janet's daughter Jacqueline, who comes into her own by way of a tumultuous first love with a young and charismatic musician by the name of Phil Everly (of The Everly Brothers). 

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