(Updated 7/14/2014)

For the first time in decades, we brought every single family member and surviving Chordette on board to make this film a reality! 


Jacqueline Everly - Consultant and Executive Producer

Jacqueline Everly is the daughter of Janet Ertel Bleyer (Matriarch of the Chordettes) and Johnny Ertel.  She was later adopted by her mother’s second husband, Archie Bleyer (Producer of the famed Chordettes, Everly Brothers, and Andy Williams).   She also spent nearly seven years dating Phil Everly at the beginning of his career, then was married to him for some years after.  She has one child, Jason Everly, and lives in Burbank, California.

Because the focus is really on Janet and Jacqueline’s story (a Mother and Daughter) – we will rely heavily on Jacqueline to give us the full strength of this amazing and compelling tale.  Truth be told - Jacqueline has been alongside Denny for every step of this process thus far.  She has been a huge supporter of what we are trying to accomplish.


Denny Shin - Executive Project Director

Denny is a writer, entertainment professional, and artist.  Originally hailing from Chicago, Illinois, he spent the last decade in Los Angeles – attending USC’s prestigious film school and then working for some of the most prolific and talented filmmakers, story tellers, and producers of our generation.  He continues this same line of work in New York City.

Most recently Denny worked at Aol/Huffington Post Media Group as a Senior Producer, where he oversaw tentpole and special programming efforts to grow their 13 MM UV's-a-day offering.  Amongst Denny's special projects he conceived and executed major partnerships projects and content with Jerry Seinfeld, James Lipton, Andy Cohen, Phil Jackson, NPR, and the Paley Center for Media

Before this - Denny worked arduously to create new stories, worked alongside storytellers and artists of all walks, and have fought the good fight trying to bring quality films to the world. 

Previous assignments include:

  • Coordinating and project managing for Lionsgate Studios’ International Finance division under Mali Kinberg (now at MRC) and Helen Lee Kim (of Good Universe and Mandate Pictures)
  • Story editing, developing, and ghost writing for Zach Helm & James Garavente's gang of two 
  •  Freelance story consulting for Twentieth Century Fox and Sony Pictures Animation
  •  Project managing and acting as a development liaise for actor/filmmaker Michael Keaton upon signing an overall deal with HBO and working on a few Pixar films
  •  Story and Script supervising on the Beatrix Potter estate’s revival of the Peter Rabbit franchise with Nickelodeon New York
  •  Leading the charge as a Development Executive for renowned filmmaker Barry Levinson during the Untitled Gotti Biopic project and David Mamet’s Phil Spector made for HBO in New York

For Denny, this film is all about his immense respect and fondness for The Chordettes.  He is an advocate for educating and ending domestic abuse in America, and passionate about being part of strategical change happening within the film industry.




Kathleen Cole Hunt - Associate Producer and Consultant

Daughter of Virginia Cole Osborn

Carol Buschmann - Consultant and Project Representative

Member of The Chordettes

Marjorie Needham Latzko - Consultant and Project Representative

Member of The Chordettes

Lynn Evans Mand - Consultant

Member of The Chordettes

Dorothy Schwartz - Consultant

Member of The Chordettes

Kevin Merlet - Music Clearances and Business Consultant


Historical Support

Beth Dippel, Executive Director - The Sheboygan County Historical Research Center

Travis Gross, Executive Director - The Sheboygan County Historical Society and Museum

Grady Kerr - Research Consultant

David Dasch - Research Consultant

Scott Lewandowske - Research Consultant

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